Monday, September 9, 2013

Gaming last week

Not much time to blog last week due to the sheer amount of gaming and football I ended up playing and watching.

Games played last week were:

  • Sword of Rome 
  • Napoleon at Leipzig 
  • A lot of Total War: Rome 2 on the PC 
  • Bloody April on Vassal 
  • Panzer 

I liked Sword of Rome but it had a very odd rulebook that was hard to wrap my head around at first. It is still setup and I am going to attempt to finish some of the game solitaire. We messed up a lot of rules so I need to go back and try a few things again.

As for Bloody April the game is long but very intense. My RAF patrols continue their missions and one flight is attempting to get home now in low cloud cover after taking pictures of the enemy trenchlines.

Napoleon at Leipzig was all about moving the first day. This game will be continued next Wednesday and shots are bound to fly.

Panzer was fun and I ended up winning the basic intro scenario. I inflicted a lot of damage on the Germans and the way the game fluctuates is very interesting. Overall not a bad week for gaming. My time will be slowing down this week due to work and the new football season but I will ramp it up in October.

Total War 2 is a huge step up from the old ones. I like that the battles are a slower pace now and I have time to actually react as the melee units fight it out. A lot of fun.

You can view all the screenshots of the past week here on my Google + Community Page: