Monday, September 2, 2013

GMT's Panzer: first game

Well Panzer ended up being fun. Only the basic game so far. First scenario. In one turn I took out 3 Panzer IV's and my for once superior die rolling really put a hurting on my German opponents plans. Still the subtleties of the command structure and the pure brain power required to outfox your opponent make this game different each time. You really have to think ahead. We didn't finish the game but learned a great deal.

Not sure I want to move to the advanced rules quite yet as I am afraid it will sap the fun out of the game. But soon. I have to get some artillery and mortars and the like into the game.

The command system can be deep. Not only is initiative random (can be modified by quality of troops) but then even if you win you can pick who is first or second player further throwing someone's plans into disarray. Thank goodness for OP FIRE and things like that. Spotting was a little weird at first but we got it figured out.

I would like to see a more programmed approach to the game but I guess you could sprinkle in advanced rules here and there. The first advanced scenario adds foot units and towed weapons.

I was going to sell it initially but since I like it I will keep it and possibly add expansions to collect all the vehicles.


  1. I recommend that you start by adding in the rules to the advanced ap combat. That lets you still play the tank only battle, but slowly start adding the more complicated rules. The more you play, the more you'll want to start adding in more rules. Keep at it, it's a really good system.

  2. Sounds like a good idea I think we were thinking of that. I almost didnt want to keep the game but I do like it now