Monday, November 4, 2013

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn the bad

FATE's are the only way to realistically level. FATE's are as boring as it gets. It is RIFT 2.0 minus the flavor in terms of running this. 

I am getting a bit weary of this game now.  

Leve's give terrible XP, no side quests, dungeons are taking over an hour to get into.  

Just a bunch of cattle being lead back and forth.  I learn nothing about my class by spamming one skill in order to get a hit in during FATEs.  

Basically it is back to WoW for us and I will not be renewing the FF XIV account. Not a TERRIBLE game but I found Aion more fun. 

For the most part I have spent my week playing Hearthstone, World of Warcraft and trying out Battlefield 4 on the PC. I found Battlefield 4 to be about unplayable on the PC so using the Origin Great Game Guarantee I got a refund. I find it to not be fun anyway. It is full of snipe campers and general sloppiness. 

So on and on it goes. Board game wise I got Elder Sign and the expansion and have some Space Empires by GMT planned next Saturday. 

Played some Descent 2 last week. The new version is tighter and more compact not sure I like that plan but it played well. Looking forward however to Flying Frog's Shadows of Brimstone which looks awesome.