Wednesday, January 8, 2014

7 Days to Die

This game is ruining my life. Up until midnight AGAIN last night in #7DaystoDie  

I am glad we rented a server. It is nice to have it running 24/7. I told +Don Anderson he could join but to leave our camp alone. He could be the Governor and I would be Rick. Only he has both eyes

Alright. Day 100+ We got smart finally and made a tunnel exit from our burgeoning fort. +Natalie F and I have played over 23 hours of this game in RL and we haven't even explored more than 1/4 of the map. What we need to do is make a stronger foundation. Last nights scavenging and forays did not go well. I got stuck in the attic of a house and eaten TWICE (second time trying to get my stuff) and the foundation of our fort suffered almost unrepairable damage, at once point Natalies section of the wall she was on collapsed. 

Tonight we start phase two: Pure stone foundation and better defense. At this point we should have holed up in a house I am thinking. We were able to dig down deep enough to get iron ore and some things so that is helping

The tunnel has two metal doors and at night spikes around the perimeter

We managed to figure out cooking pots and campfires. Put the pot next to the campfire and hold food in your hand then right click to cook. Some meats are not fully cookable yet however. This game is awesome but we have not even ventured out past one mile. I think I set the day night cycles too short. Then again I dont want to be sweating through a 40 minute night cycle no thanks.