Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Thunderstone Advance

For a more simplistic deck building game it has a lot of depth. While it is easy to also play solo the competitive aspect of the game is more fun than other LCG's or collectible card games where you may have to build your own decks because you can see up front what is available. "Traveling to Town" and "resting" are all options and capture the feel of a dungeon romp well.

I also like the ability to tailor your deck and plan ahead by using the Preparation option which lets you discard certain cards in your hand and put them on top of your draw deck in the hopes of getting them next turn. This is perfect for planning ahead to take on that tough monster worth a lot of VP's.

The amount of random content is great also. Each game starts with a randomized town from which to buy things and a totally random dungeon. So basically the more expansions you buy the more in depth your world becomes. For flavor some creatures can even "raid" the town and kill villagers. It is also fun to mess with your opponent but not in a power gamer way. The card game also instills that feeling of one more turn so much so time passes fast while playing.

The game plays fast and furious and is a nice departure from the stress a collectible card game or LCG has. You cant build a super deck if its not on the table. That much I like.