Monday, September 15, 2014

Destiny level 20

Did a little something different last night. We got 5 clan members on voice comms and spent the night just doing Crucible over and over since it had bonus XP and could take 5 of us. It was actually pretty fun. 

We only won about 3 games but the nice thing about Destiny PVP I dont mind is that you can get points for doing EVERYTHING pretty much. And you can always advance. So what if you suck. Fun times as we all played about 4 hours and I hit level 20. Not I can do the fun stuff and really get some killer gear. My Titan is full defensive right now and its awesome to drop a dome on a flag and watch people try to shoot me through it.

I will finish up Mars this week and then its time to run some more of those awesome strikes!

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