Sunday, December 28, 2014

5 hours in War in the East is a slugfest

For the most part I still don't know what I am doing in War in the East. Despite some tutorials I scrounged up online some of the mechanics elude me in the hidden background that is PC programming. However the game offers enough AI help with air and supply that I am able to get on.

Not being one to settle for small scenarios I decided to refight the entire war on the Eastern Front and after playing 5 hours straight I am hooked. Not sure I could it again but it is worth a shot if I learn it better.

I started off fairly disorganized and my fear is that I learn as I go and realize I can't adjust certain mistakes. 

It is early September 1941 and I have just taken Kiev. I did not use enough blitzkrieg tactics and I am afraid I have given the Soviets plenty of time to regroup. I am also no where near Leningrad. Still breakthroughs may still be possible but I think I overused my units.

Here are some screens of where it stands in order from top to bottom. The Soviets just topped 1 million casualties.

I have War in the West but don't want to touch it until I feel I have exhausted the East Front game.