Saturday, December 6, 2014

Combat Mission Red Thunder

So far the latest Combat Mission has been a blast. Still waiting for Black Sea but it is not out yet. Red Thunder is the "remake" of the older Eastern Front game but on a smaller scale for now. 

For the stock graphics I think the game looks great. However I am running it wide open all maxed on a good computer. In short...if you have a crappy system don't complain. It's 2015 basically and you can get a decent video card and gaming machine for about 500-600 bucks. 

First scenario I played was a quick battle as I rarely do scenarios. I had a STUG III platoon and had to root out Soviet anti tank guns. It did not go so well and I had to stop it short since I had to log off my PC. But I dont think I would have been able to defeat what I saw the computer have once the map was revealed. It was a terrible slog fest type of battle that took all my armor and men near the end.

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