Sunday, December 7, 2014

Warfighter game ends in total mission op failure

So my game of #Warfighter  ended pretty badly. Both soldiers got about 3 objective locations in. Then I got two cartel lookouts and they in turned spawned about 2 tangos each. Before I knew it the situation had gotten out of control and Sgt. Holte had been shot twice while Pvt. Thomas was suppressed so badly he could only use his actions to try and get out of being pinned.

The spec op was pretty bad and by turn 5 I gave up. Those drug huts would have to wait. Mission was a jungle sweep for Drug Cartel huts. I only took two soldiers. I know one thing the Agility ability is pretty much a great skill. A lot of the Jungle hostiles increase the entrance cost of a location so I had to keep discarding to get far into the missions.

I had accumulated a lot of XP, so I used that to call in a Sniper unit. He popped two bad guys but then I had burned through all my XP and he had had enough and pulled out. Rather than sit and watch my troops get shot up I called it. 

I also took a lot of bad gear. I didn't even spend all my resource points thinking it would be a cake walk. I was wrong. Although my shotgun worked well I rolled a ton of reloads with it. I had really bad dice too. I found the canteen to be worthless as well. I was under fire so much (and no action cards to clear the suppress for free) I basically got stuck in a loop of clearing Suppress markers and not being able to do anything

I ordered two boxes of 1/72 scale plastic models. One insurgents and one US Troops (Iraq) I figure I will put one insurgent figure on each card next time (per reticle) to make it look cool.

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