Monday, January 26, 2015

5 player Warfighter

This weekend I took part in a 5 player game of Warfighter. Warfighter is a card game for 1 to 6 players. Command the world's best Special Forces operators and complete vital assault missions around the world and work together to take on a common task. 

The 5 of us gathered Saturday morning and picked a mission (going deep) and had 113 resource points to spend on a 5 man squad. I took a 9 point trooper and then kitted him out as a sniper. I had the marksman skill and a sniper rifle and a couple of grenades as well as a suppressor. 

Also in our team was a short ranged expert, a grenade launcher and two men skilled in movement and medium to short range. 

I had never won a game of Warfighter. The game can get a bit unwieldy when playing solo due to all the record keeping if you take full blown soldiers so usually I only play with 2 troopers. As this game progressed however we found out just how important team work is in this game. 

There was a question as we played as to how many "Combined Fire" cards we could stack but the rulebook states there is no limit to the action cards you can play and Combined Fire lasts the entire turn. We took good use of this as we went on. 

The first location we entered was pretty clear, but that third one spawned so many hostiles I thought for sure we were doomed. The objective we had, clear the enemy HQ, had us going NINE locations deep on this mission. Luckily I bought a GPS and that added two turns to our amount of time and also one other player later played the shortcut card. Although we suffered few wounds and none of us really go into danger we finished the game with 3 turns to spare. 3 turns we would NOT have had if not for the gear and the shortcut. This game is rough no doubt about it. 

5 hours later we had shot, stabbed and sniped our way to the enemy HQ and we had made it just barely. We had an angry mob behind us and several hostiles in front of us. With the user of sniper support, mortar calls and grenade launchers we cleared over 11 hostiles off the last location and won the game with just enough time to spare. 

We had some squabbles as some special forces teams might. For example at one stage in the game we had to make the choice to retain sniper support with our XP or take a supply drop. As we got further into the mission we were really low on ammo and we needed a supply drop badly. I think that paid off as the grenades we got in that drop allowed us to use the grenade launcher later. 

The game has the ability to really paint a great story as well. For example:
  • I was able to let my teammates take out any screening terrorists which then allowed me to snipe the leaders that would be spawned. One shot, one kill. 
  • One time a suicide bomber reached our location but our teammate pulled out his knife and silently took him down before he could detonate his explosives.
  • Several times our short ranged weapon expert would use snapshot and get free short ranged attacks. He would then bust down door and go into buildings clearing out entire locations for us before we moved in.
  • Working as a team we had to trade ammo, gear, decide which targets to take and how to move forward. In short the game really FELT like a squad of special forces troopers deep in enemy territory with a mission to do. 

The game took us most of the day but was well worth it. There was never a time when we had boring downtime or were able to let down our guard. We had to constantly be thinking and narrowly avoided some disastrous moments. Also stealth attacks were huge in this game as they allowed me to snipe and ignore cover on that first attack. Our short ranged expert also had stealth on his gun and this allowed him to take out RPG teams that may have hurt us bad. 

It was a great time and a great game. I have not played a wargame recently that promoted such teamwork. I am glad I Kickstarted that second wave too. 

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