Sunday, January 4, 2015

First post of 2015

Nothing monumental just a recap of the past week or so. This weekend I managed to play Fading Glory which is the GMT collection of Napoleonic 20 games. We played the Waterloo 20 series twice, and each time I failed terribly. My morale really sank fast in game and twice I was at zero via doing some risky things with the French before I knew it.

Battles around Ligny cost me the game in most respects and I still need to learn Cavalry properly in the system. I seem to have issues with keeping the Prussians at bay in that scenario. 

After the Waterloo 20 we re-learned Combat Commander where I did horribly once more. We played Fat Lipki the first scenario and man Combat Commander seemed to take FOREVER. The first scenario is so boring. 

Snipers changed the game as my right side Coporal (Winkler) cowered under sniper fire and never recovered. That coupled with poor card draw meant I never was able to rally him. 

I also have ordered Hoplite. The new Hoplite changes in Great Battles of History and the chit draw give me hope that I can solo this game and learn the rules at last. We will see.For my birthday I got an early gift: Hells Gate by Victory Poin games. 

At the same time I am prepping Blood and Roses for Tuesday

Pics follow.

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