Monday, February 23, 2015

Down in Flames DVG version

Managed to play Down in Flames the WW2 aerial combat card game this weekend

We played the DVG version of the game. GMT also makes one but it is very in depth and not as light as the one from Dan Veersen. 

We started a 1944 bombing of Germany campaign. The first battle went well for the Luftwaffe (played by myself). While I lost an Ace the American bombers only damaged the target and they finished with -17 points.

The second mission went horrible though as all American bombers got through however flak took one out. The last bomber dropped 36 bombs on target and destroyed it. This swung the campaign back to 50 some points positive which puts it at the historical level. I lost another Ace and all my planes in that mission.

It is a fun game with fast card play and a ton of decisions to make. The GMT version adds a lot of chrome like fuel drop tanks, flak that can miss and tons of other features. However we were not in the mood for all that I was just learning so we went with the easier version. Fun game overall. Captures dog fighting real well.

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