Saturday, January 16, 2016

A reversal on my solitaire board wargaming stance.

Ageod’s 30 Years War and Wars of Napoleon are my top two targeted turn based wargames this year.

About solo boardwargames… I used to believe in all that “solo wargame” stuff but …it doesn’t work. Unless it’s made to be solitaire pass on it. 

“Just pretend you don’t know what you are going to do when you sit on the other side” is a poor excuse to buy everything. And it’s boring. Also it does not work. You will always know what you’re doing and no amount of pretending gets around the fact that you are basically just practicing convoluted rules against yourself wishing you had a flesh and blood opponent

The wargames industry needs a severe shot in the arm and some decent programmed AI. The COIN series is the most refreshing thing they have going. Otherwise the cookie cutter rules and bland rulebook we get with nearly every title produced set us back 50 years. And making a game more complex just makes it more unbearable. It does not make you cutting edge.