Thursday, May 12, 2016

Again...solo wargaming does not exist...unless specifically written

Solo board wargaming is rapidly becoming a joke with some of these titles. Look folks...if the game is not written for SOLO play you aren't doing anything but setting it up and staring at the rule book.

When someone says "I'm a solo wargamer" I think to myself: so you basically test the rules against yourself and never actually play a real game?

It is not a hobby category to not have any opponents and simply set a game up to pretend like you don't know what the other side is doing. So STOP it.

I actually saw someone recommend to me once "walk away and take a few days off so you forget what side A was going to do."

Seriously? People continue to fork over 60 plus dollars for these poorly written overly complex war games that IN THEIR LIFETIME they will never even finish 3 turns in. Make the statement with your wallet. STOP BUYING THIS SHIT.

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