Thursday, June 16, 2016

GOBA - Samarkand take two: Vassalized


Trying to get used to Vassal I am replaying the battle of Samarkand this time against myself.

The initial setup was as follows:

The Macedonians have made their initial entrance into the map and avoided using column formation since I hate it. Caranus leads the light cavalry, Andromachus controls the hoplites and the overall leader is Pharnaces. He is stacked with the hoplite unit.

The Persians under Spitamenes, Mithridates and Arsames have split their forces into a 3 pronged attack. The Bactrian cataphracted HC approaches from the right flank of the Macedonians. The Scythian cataphracted HC approaches from the Macedonian left and ahead the light cavalry plans on harassing the phalanxes.

With an initiative of 1 Pharnaces will be the first activated leader for the Macedonians. He is able to use a total of 1 order. He orders the Thracian light cavalry to move forward and spread out. There are FOUR leaders with a Initiative of 2 so the Persians will have to pick since they break all ties.

Mitridates goes first ordering the Scythian light cavalry forward. He has two orders and orders each one to move up. Arsames goes next and orders the Scythian heavy cavalry forward. Spitamenes activates last and sends in the Bactrian heavy cavalry. He immediately notices the overextended Thracian LC and attacks! The Macedonian LC cannot use withdrawal because the movement allowances are equal. Two heavy cavalry units slam into the Macedonian light cavalry scouts.The Macedonian light cav hurls its Javelins and scores a hit rolling a "0" (no small feat. The modifiers +1 due to the HC CAT defender and +1 due to them having moved).

We will return to this battle a little later on this week in part two! Shock combat in the next post!