Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Indians get smashed in Arigaeum as Macedonians prove to be too much

Got smashed in Arigaeum scenario in Great Battles of Alexander.

We used the Alexander elite commander rule and man what a difference that makes. The scenario warned that to preserve realism not to use the Elite Commander rules but being the curious war gamers we are we had to use Alexander to his greatest potential. His elite commander rule allows him to take a first turn before anyone else is activated and it proved to be disastrous for the Indian army.

I played said Indian army and really never got that many turns it seemed. We did learn the routing rules quite well however as my front lines folded and most of my army fled off the field once Alexanders phalanx hit me. My left flank is the only flank that survived. Ptolemy slowly crept his way up the right side of my defenses and Alexander smashed my front.

The left flank was not really tested however as disaster was crawling toward them. All of my infantry was light and none of them could be attack superior or even launch attacks for the most part. I did not have enough archers to do any damage and the Macedonians singled them out anyway. All in all it was a total route....but fun.

"After slaying the Aspasians to a satisfactory capacity to put his lines of communication to a point of security beyond peradventure the Macedonians marched towards the Indian oppidum of Arigaeum—which hearing news of Alexander's capacity as a general and besieger—they had burned.[57] It was at this particular point that Craterus returned from settling the affairs of the Aspasian valleys—specifically having left Andaca in a state that Alexander was satisfied with"

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