Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Next War: Taiwan a little simple combat

The next system I am diving into after Great Battles of History will be Operational Combat Series by MMP but last night I couldn't but help to dabble with Next War Taiwan just to see how hard the basic combat was.

I setup a hypothetical attack with identical units in easy terrain and gave the attacker some helicopter support. Overall the BASICS were not that bad but of course nothing will even be laid out as simple as that in a real game.

I posted a simple video on my Instagram

Did I do it right? Not really sure. But here is a synopsis:

The Taiwan 107th attacks the Chinese 179th with 2 points of nearby helicopter support from Neikang Airfield (helicopter counter is rotated to show it has done one combat air mission).

Prior to the battle the air defense of the Chinese guns down 1 point of helicopter support per the ADF table (superiority in the air is contested). This means one point gets through which is a -1 to the attackers die roll (lower the better for attacker).

The ratio of attack to defense is 1-1. This means the roll will be on column 7 of the CRT (1:1 flat or flat woods defenders terrain).

Efficiency ratings are both 5 so no modifiers there. The roll is made and its a 4, but minus one for helicopter support so a 3.

That's 2 step losses for the Chinese infantry and one for the Taiwan forces. The Chinese unit is 2 steps and is eliminated. The Taiwan unit is flipped over to its reduced size and must advance after combat.

More GBOH to come this weekend. After that OCS and The Blitzkrieg Legend.

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