Thursday, June 16, 2016

Part Two of Samarkand on Vassal: GBOA


After the last post and the start of the game it was time to resolve some actions caused by the heavy cavalry of Spitamenes charging into the light cavalry of the Macedonian Caranus.

The units involved were as follows (the heavy cavalry of Bactria has take a hit from the reaction javelin fire of the LC)

The pre shock TQ check die rolls were as follows: 2,3,3 and every unit cleared their check. The Clash of Spears chart puts us on column 9 of the results table (HC frontal on LC). There is no position superiority so weapon chart will be used. The Bactrian Cavalry will be Attack Superior for this combat (optional rules not being used). The size ratio difference will hurt here as the size comparison is 8 to 2 so thats a 4-1 advantage. Thats a 3 column shift to column 12. The column is FURTHER adjusted to 2 more to the right for the heavy cataphracted cavalry. The column is 13. The roll is a 9. That is 1(6) result. With the heavy cavalry attack superior that is TWELVE hits on the light cavalry, one on the Bactrian attackers. With rule 9.17 the Light Cavalry is technically at a whopping 14 hits. They rout immediately moving two hexes backwards

Due to the special scenario rules there is a chance that Pharnaces will flee that battlefield (the Macedonian general fled in real life). On a 0-7 he flees but the die roll is 9. He stays. Last game I play he fled. The last general up to bat is the 3 initiative Caranus who has some interesting options. With 3 orders he must try to provide the majority of the work. Due to scenario rules he can only command cavalry units. For his first order he will attempt to rally the light cavalry unit. The roll is a "0" and Caranus has rallied the unit. The rally roll is a 1 so the rallied unit only takes one hit. Not bad rolling at all in fact the best rolls you could get. 

For order 2 Caranus moves his light cavalry up and into attack the Bactrian heavy units from the rear. For his third order he moves the last light cavalry unit to block the northernmost Scythian light cavalry. 

Now we go to shock combat but just before that the Greek Ally Light Cav hurls their javelins at +2 to the roll. Another 0 and the javelins hit for 1 cohesion damage. The Bactrian HC gets a free vertex facing change and clears the die roll to avoid cohesion hits with a 1. This prevents a rear attack for now. 

Light Calvary on the flank of Heavy is only column 6. The light cavalry will get attack superior however due to a flank attack. The size ration is 3to4, or 1-1. There is a 2L column adjustment for the heavy cavalry defending so we go to column 4 and roll the die. A 9 is rolled which is the best possible result putting 4 hits on the Bactrian unit and only 2 on the attacker. This may have paid off as the Bactrian unit is now at 6 hits with a TQ of 6. It was a risky gamble with a lucky roll. The Bactrian unit has met its TQ and now routs! The Macedonian Light Cavalry advances and turns one vertex for free. This puts him right in the rear of the next Bactrian unit. 

Caranus is not done he decided to go for Momentum and rolls a 8. Unfortunately he has failed the momentum roll and since he is the last leader the turn is about to end. A shame...another orders phase could have been huge. The ROUT AND RALLY phase follows and the rally markers are removed. Meanwhile the Bactrian heavy cavalry moves its full movement 8 toward the north edge of the board. That unit may be long gone. Units are marked unmoved and leaders are flipped back over. TURN TWO later this week! 

The final board view at the end of TURN 1 is as follows: