Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Early turn Soviet Phases: Battle at the Sea of Azov Part 1

This scenario starts off with the Soviets going first in their half turn. All weather is dry and attack supply is not needed. I will try to remember all the other rules as I come to them. Soviet Motorized phase is first allowing Soviet motorized units to move (those with a red box around the movement value) and some non motorized units can move as well is ordered by a Soviet HQ (see Kiev to Rostov rulebook 22.0)

Soviets launch a devastating mandatory attack on Balki to open the game. They must make 4 mandatory attacks this scenario as part of win condition. The question now is does the nearby 191st German Assault gun battalion move to reinforce in the Reaction Phase?

Axis player issues a No Retreat order to the Romanian 4th Mountain. Another Soviet attack is declared on the road to Melitopol. Meanwhile in reaction movement the German 22nd Motorcycle moves north on the dry road.

Air support is revealed. The Luftwaffe attempts to help at Balki and they send interceptors down south to shoot down the Soviet bomber.

Air combat is now resolved. The Soviet player declares the bomber as the mission unit and the German player declares the BF 109F as the firing unit. The BF 109F is in mission range (kiev to rostov rule 17.22). The Axis player fires at the Soviet bomber. The bomber will not be firing back as he is a mission unit. The Axis player rolls a 9 (on the 3+ column) ... one of the worst results and the Soviet bomber group has evaded Luftwaffe air coverage. Now for anti aircraft fire. There are no AA modifiers and the German player rolls a 1. No effect (7 or more needed). The Soviet flyers are lucky today. The bomber will add 1 strength point to the ground attack.

Up north the German JU 88 does not have to worry about Soviet air cover, survives the flak ground fire and he will contribute 1 strength point to the Romanian defense of Balki. The stage is set for combat resolution. More later