Sunday, July 3, 2016

Reluctant Enemies OCS Turn 1 face to face

Over the Fourth of July weekend I got my first real taste of a turn in the OCS system in with some face to face play. We had practiced initially late one Friday night till 1am and completed half a turn. This time we wanted to get June 8th 1941 in the books and finish a whole turn. Reluctant Enemies is the game by MMP that uses the Operational Combat System to cover the Operation Exporter campaign. 

On turn one my commandos landed on the coast but they were scattered and I lost a unit. Then the initial attacks I made can be seen in the first picture below. I managed to strike upwards toward Beirut and Damascus and destroy several Vichy French units. While my air power was ineffective my artillery barrages fared a bit better. 

The Vichy French player blew a supply dump evacuating one town then on his turn cornered and eliminated my poorly used Commandos. He also heavily bombed the Commonwealth units driving up the middle after they had great initial success.

We hope to finish the game via Vassal so after turn one and before the initiative for Turn 2 we saved the locations via the Vassal engine.

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