Monday, July 25, 2016

What I've been up to: East Front Series by GMT Games

It is no secret that I am a slight GMT Games fanboy. After dabbling in OCS by MMP Games I decided I wanted to also learn the East Front system by Vance von Borries. 

Awards & Honors (First Edition)

I was at first a little scared of the series and taken aback by its complicated movement rules. But like anything else I decided to dive in and I have actually....almost...learned it. Sure each game in the series introduces its own rules like an OCS game but they are not as thick. While OCS covers almost EVERY battlefield the East Front series is very limited. Maybe that is what I like about it. It really gives the feeling of struggling against the weather and command structures. The game is heavily reliant on weather effects. Air combat is done nicely and feels like it serves a purpose but is not as deep as OCS with its refits and airbases. Combined arms attacks are included as well as Soviet HQ's and everything from armored trains to air dropped supplies. Army Group North game in particular has a bunch of well done maps and tutorials. If you can get your hands on a copy grab it.

I also like the supply rules a lot better. You can only use what you have and until you spend it you cannot put anymore out. 

I have begun a series of tutorials on Instagram as usual and will be playing Battle of the Sea of Azov scenario this week. I kicked off the Instagram tutorials with some movement information. Another great site you can visit is the War Galley site dedicated to East Front: