Saturday, July 29, 2017

GCACW: August 9th A bloody day as Jackson shatters the 1st Rhode Island Regiment

August 9th has rolled around in my playthrough in the Cedar Mountain scenario of Stonewall Jackson's Way 2. On turn 2 all restrictions from turn 1 are lifted and forced marches are allowed.

There were no random events and no leader transfers so we go to the Action Phase. On the first action phase the Union army wins and Ricketts immediately moves his division of 9,000 men south through Culpeper to cut off Stonewall Jackson. The Confederacy wins the next initiative roll and use Gregg to march toward the school house across the Robertson River.

Gregg's infantry brigade attacks Bayards Cavalry at the school house forcing him to retreat far back. For some odd reason Gregg is not allowed to advance on the school house and he pulls his men up short (scenario rules dictate Gregg cannot enter that hex).

The Rebels win the next initiative roll and then use Stonewall Jackson to do a Leadership activation. They will now cross the Rapidan and drive on Culpeper!

Jackson's Confederate command pushes north. Ewell and Winder cross the Rapidan River.

Stonewall Jackson drives A.P. Hill into the 1st Rhode Island Cavalry regiment and during the retreat of the Union cavalry they collapse and, demoralized from the attempt to withdraw, cease to exist as a unit giving the South a victory point.

Stonewall presses on and launches an attack across Cedar Run Creek against the under strength infantry division of Williams.

Williams is bolstered by Pope himself and told he must hold (picture above shows the stacks split apart so the chits can be viewed). Surprisingly he does. A.P Hill suffers horrible losses trying to cross the creek and loses about 500 men. The Union defenders are disorganized but they do not give any ground. Stonewall is forced to lick his wounds and regroup for the next assault across the creek. The action phase ends.