Sunday, July 16, 2017

GCACW: Cedar Mountain Part One

Im baccccck. And this time I am focusing on MMP's Great Campaigns of the American Civil War. Specifically Stonewall Jackson's Way 2.

I am setting up and prepping the first scenario in SWJ's 2 which is a small one called Cedar Mountain.

It only uses part of the map and a few units. I am still getting a grasp of the rules but so far I like it and the randomness of the die rolls for movement. Most euro gamers would hate a title like this since it involves dice and a luck factor but I love it. Besides there are ways built into the game to get better movement but you will push your men to higher fatigue levels.

This scenario takes from August the 8th to August the 10th 1862.

Here is the opening look at the board:

(Heads up the image below is wrong I made two mistakes in setup)

As you can see there is not much there but this makes it great for learning the rules.

The leader counters I love and they are remarkably close the original photos

Without further delay lets take a look at some sample action from the very start of the game. No random events are rolled in turns one or two so its close to possible that not much will happen in that aspect. This scenario is only 3 turns long.

The Confederates must attempt to take Culpeper. The Union must stop them. Pretty simple it seems so all roads lead up to that hex at 1418. In turn 1 neither army may make a extended march or a force march. Also no unit can do a corp assault move if its fatigue is 3 or 4. For the Union player Ricketts Division cannot do anything.


There are no random events so this is skipped. During leader transder the Union player declines and the Confederates have one leader and he is not needing to transfer (Jackson)

During the Action Cycle the dice are rolled and its a tie. That means the Confederate player wins since this is Stonewall Jackson's Way 2 and not the mini game All Green Alike included in the boxed game.

The Confederate player (me of course) activates Jackson using a Activate Leader action during the Confederate Initiative. Jackson gets a Leader Activated marker.

Jackson rolls a 3 for movement allowance, plus two as stated in the basic game rules. This gives him and the units he is activating 5 movement points to spend. A marker is placed on the movement track to show us what the MP value is for each unit we activate. The leader marker will not get moved and is there for reference.

Jackson immediately heads north toward Rapidan Station. The other units either follow him or split off left toward Great Creek.  Each unit that moves is assigned on fatigue point and with that activation the first action sequence ends. Jackson must go fast and hard toward Culpeper to win this scenario. He needs to cross the major river at Rapidan station and drive off that Union Cavalry.