Monday, July 31, 2017

GCACW: Final try...Ewell's attack is a disaster, the 1st Maine cavalry dissolves....end game

 The Confederate victory point total now stands at 0. They had one but lost one when they lost a manpower point last turn on that disastrous creek attack

Next initiative phase sees the Confederacy win yet again. Jackson, after being refused the creek crossing last initiative go round, uses a leadership activation to tell Ewell and Winder to advance and beat back the Union from their positions before the majority of the Northern Army mobilizes.

To the left Ewell advances past the school house and attacks Union General Bank's fatigued and dogged division from the southwest. Under Nathaniel P. Banks command is Williams, the commanding officer that held the creek last turn.

As with many aspects of learning a system I am starting to see that you need a large ratio to really do some damage. Not rolling like ass is also a big contributor. Attacking across clear terrain against a defending unit with artillery is also not smart.

Richard S. Ewell

The -2 artillery modifier of the defenders negates my 3-1 ratio modifier and it comes down to a straight up roll once more. The Union forces roll a 4 and the Confederacy rolls a 3. Not good as the result is a -1. Ewell suffers a devastating setback and takes a loss of about 500 men as the dug in Union artillery eats him as he goes across clear terrain.

Williams is fatigued even more and though tired and low on supplies they hold ONCE AGAIN. The Confederate VP total is now -1, which cant happen, but its interesting to note how bad they are doing.

Now its up to Winder on the right of Jackson to give the South some good news. Winder takes his 4000 man division and prepares to attack the 1st Maine Cavalry Regiment. Like all Union cavalry before, in a sneaky delaying nighttime withdrawal, the 1st Maine retreats but is cut down as they try this now familiar tactic. Winder, low now on movement after planning a prepared attack, moves 1 mile up the road. With the loss of the 1st Maine the Confederacy gets a victory point back to move back to +1.

In his path now is Christopher C. Augur's 4000 man Union infantry division. The Confederate forces are about to be held in check and not able to advance much further.

Christopher C. Augur
Well seeing as how I have totally screwed up the Confederate advance learning the system, and I have indeed learned, I decide to wrap this one up and lick my wounds since there are forces heading down the road the South will not be in shape to contend with.

This scenario was however a great learning process in what I believe is an excellent Civil War battle system that really captures the ebb and flow of command, fatigue and the fog of battle. Most importantly it is a FANTASTIC solo game to attempt.

Next time time.

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