Tuesday, July 18, 2017

GCACW: The Union continues to delay, Confederacy marches on Rapidan: Cedar Mountain Part Three

The battle continues in my playthrough/learning session of Great Campaigns of the American Civil War: Stonewall Jackon's Way 2 Battle of Cedar Mountain.

The Union has lost 4 or 5 consecutive initiative rolls in the Action Phase and has yet to move a single unit. Their communication lines are drawn out and the leaders are slow to react to Stonewall Jackson's move on Culpeper across the Rapidan River. Below are the initiative rolls for the next 4 action phases...the Union losing each one.

The South has been able to move its units to the brink of the Rapidan but poor movement rolls have really kept them from capitalizing on the wins of initiative. Still the Confederates advance but are now tired. Most units are at fatigue 2 and cannot force march or extended march due to the 1st turn rules. This allows the Union to at least sit back and now observe what the units of Stonewall Jackson are doing and react. 

Stonewall Jackson and Winder push to the edge of the Rapidan river but are not able to cross due to low movement rolls. On the left flank of the army (below) the South advances toward pinning down the Union Cavalry. No combat yet and only a minor meeting squabble earlier as the Union 1st Rhode Island Cav pulled out to avoid the advanced Southern units.

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