Tuesday, July 25, 2017

GCACW: Robertson engages Bayards cavalry brigade

The Union finally won an initiative sequence in the video from last night, see the post before this one. As a result they were able to finally start to react to advance of Stonewall Jackson toward Culpeper. Sadly the Confederate forces won the next initiative roll and Robertson decided to force his hand across the Robertson River and assault George Dashiell Bayard's cavalry brigade.

The combat ratio was 3-1, with Confederate Beverly Robertson holding a sizable force. His tactical and artillery support were also superior but Bayard held the ford so had the defensive terrain. The rolls were made and came out rather close. This would mean that the differential would probably not be enough to damage either side but the men would be exhausted.

The combat results caused a Dr and a Da which is disorganized for each side and a retreat for the Union forces and a advance for the Confederate forces. The rebels were FINALLY across the river but the fight sapped the strength of each side as they slogged it out to fatigue levels that would render them useless for the time being. Still a foothold had been gained in the risky charge and the Confederate Army now had a ford to get across some major terrain obstacles.

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