Thursday, July 27, 2017

GCACW: August 8th ends with full Union mobilization

With the Confederate army worn down from marching during the first day's action the Union forces finally mobilized and moved south to block the forces of Stonewall Jackson

The Union Army swept the last few initiative rolls with the southern army having to pass the only roll they won. Using multiple leader activations the northern troops have begun to gather around Cedar Mountain to make a natural line of defense.

As the turn comes to a close and August 9th 1862 draws near Bayard's Cavalry and Robertson's Cavalry find themselves in an exhausted state.

Unknowingly I now see how the exhaustion and fatigue rules work. Disorganized units flip to exhausted and pretty much take an entire day to recover and be worth anything again. The initial probing attack across the Robertson river really put the two cavalry units (one from each side) out of comission for quite a bit. It is a clever system built into the game's mechanics that takes the tedious work out of the rules and lets you see what is going on at a glance on the battlefield.

Below are pictures with the fatigue levels covered so that anyone can see how the field of battle is shaping up. In turn 2 (the 9th of August) all rules are open and Ricketts Union Division is released at 18 strength strong. It will be a furious two days coming up.

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