Monday, August 7, 2017

Fire in the Lake: Events leading to the next COUP! round

Picking up after video 3 the game started to get rather violent. A lot of combat action and activity all over Vietnam in the south. ARVN forces finally force the VC guerillas out of Phu Yen. The space is now COIN controlled as they learn well from American advisors.


Next the United States Armed Forces go on patrol and spread out along routes 14,13 and 20. This makes all roads into and out of Saigon (except route 1 along the coast) safe and protected from NVA or VC sabotage.

Exposed VC are hit again in Quang Nam removing Insurgent presence there and flipping the province to COIN control. ARVN rangers are exposed but get the job done. This is pictured below:

The NVA strike back next phase, launching assaults on the ARVN troops outside Hue in Quang Tri wiping out 2 of them and then bombarding American troops in two separate provinces (white pawns in second pic below), killing many GI's before they even knew what hit them.Outraged MACV begins an all out search and destroy ideology to contain the NVA.

NVA 130mm Artillery
The war is really heating up now with losses all over the country. The VC play up the My Lai massacre and use it to control the populace. Aid drops significantly and the populace is outraged both in Vietnam and abroad in the United States.

The next card flipped is not played but it triggers a COUP! round and a MONSOON rolls in. This limits American air power but they perform air strikes in 2 separate provinces, blowing VC bases and some exposed guerillas off the face of the earth. At the same time the Ho Chi Minh trail is bombed and degraded to a 1 value. The SECOND COUP! round will begin and there is only one left somewhere in there in the stack. The final positions of the board before the COUP! round are shown below: