Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Fire in the Lake short game setup

Decided to go with a short game playing as the United States and using all bots on the other participants. That will be bot AI for ARVN, VC and NVA.

I have shuffled ALL the event cards together mixing up the 1965, 1968 and the 1964 cards. The game will not be a certain time period or historical in the least as I wanted to make it as random as possible. After shuffling all the cards I pulled out 3 stacks of 8 as described on page 23 in the Rules of Play.

I also removed the needed coup cards as described and set the RVN leader as "Young Turks".

I then took my 3 stacks and piled them on each other and I was ready to setup the starting forces and the victory point track. I will not be using any of the difficulty options on 20 and 21. Next post I will start the game and flip the two event cards and discuss what is available.