Sunday, August 13, 2017

Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection playthrough as Patriots & French

After another game of Fire in the Lake on Saturday with a friend it was time to switch gears and try the American Revolution side of things with GMT Games Liberty or Death. I had explored Fire in the Lake quite deeply and wanted to see the mechanics of another COIN game before Distant Plain arrived.

The year is 1778.

In this play through it is the short game setup with the decks organized historically. I am playing the Patriots and the French to the best of my abilities and using the bots for the Brits and the Indians.

The decks were setup and the board was ready!

The first card flips sets the British as the first active faction and they event is one that is a no brainer so I make the Brit Bot (as I like to call it) take the event. This places the Queens Rangers in two separate colonies (not cities) on the map. I have to take them from available or unavailable. Since it is the start of the game I take them from available. They go into New York Colony and New Hampshire. The rule in the event states it must be British controlled. I played the event because the British flowchart states in the Event or Command box: Event places Torries in Colony with British Regulars (go ahead and play it).

The Patriots are next and that is me. I decide to march and move a militia from Charlestown and one from North Carolina into South Carolina for one resource. Rumors of an Indian War party and village persist. I do not expose my militia because there are no British in S.C. The Rebels take control of South Carolina!

I then use Partisans special activity to send the militia to root out the Indian War Party. My Militia is activated and I remove one Royalist piece...the Indian War Party. The war is indeed now in full swing!

After the first two factions go South Carolina looks as follows:

The rest of the play through will be posted as the next week goes by.

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