Monday, August 14, 2017

Libery or Death Playthrough: the French Strike!

The Indian faction is due up and they assist the British by playing the event and destroy a supply depot by attacking Danbury. The Patriot side is now broke...their war resources running out. The Indian faction almost did not play the event but a die roll changed that! The bold raid sets the Patriot war coffers on it heels and they need to raise more money to fund their war!

The French strike...deciding by Flow Chart to attack in Connecticut / Rhode Island as their regulars there, led by Rochambeau, outnumber the British tories. It should be an easy victory but the tories prove to be persistent and strongly dug in.

In the first major battle of 1778...the French regulars wipe out the British tories but suffer a loss of two regulars. Meanwhile the French fleet off the coast blockades New York City.

News of the victory by the French spreads fast and this emboldens the Patriots. Coming forth now are new musters of Militiamen and they rise up in Maryland...forming a new unit and seizing control of the province!

Sadly on the frontier all is not well. The Indians are looking to slaughter settlers on the edge of the colonies as reprisal for the earlier eradication of a Indian war party. What will happen next as the Patriots and Indians are the next eligible factions? Can the Patriots stop the Indian attacks...or will they choose another option?

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