Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Catalyst Games Dragonfire reveal

I have played Dragonfire and it is good. Even though we played this game COMPLETELY wrong the first time out it was still very addictive.

Here is the reveal on twitch:


Here are some pics from our game. The important thing to remember if you play this game is that YOU CAN ATTACK ANY CREATURE out in play (minus some funky location stuff) not just the one in front of you.

Makes a big difference :)

I also want to point out this is not "D&D without the DM". This is a deckbuilder straight up, one in which you will try to survive waves of spawning creatures. Yes you can buy skills and keep characters but this game is a straight up brawl. And it is tough. No doubt about it. It takes the Shadowrun Crossfire system and adds more complexity onto it with locations and some other tweaks (especially those damn tokens)

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