Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A new era of RPG gaming raises it head and attacks...what do you do?

Online #DungeonsAndDragons Sunday saw us go into the Chult Jungle in Tomb of Annihilation and promptly get ambushed by raptors and other strange creatures.

At the end of the day we met Artis Cimber and his odd companion Dragonbait. I am currently playing a Level 2 rogue named Driscol in this campaign and level 1 Bard yet to be named in a campaign on Tuesday nights.

The advance in technology that Fantasy Grounds allows over the far inferior Roll 20 network is amazing. I also find the players a little more mature in the Fantasy Grounds community.

All in all a good time was had and its nice to be back in the RPG saddle again.

And no we do not basically act and put on a show like Geek and Sundry. We actually play the game and get down to brass tacks. I see a lot of debate over how to play the game. In the end play how you want but I personally do not watch the 3 hour long acting class auditions that the popular Twitch streams do. I want to see the map, the tokens, what is going on not cos players talking in funny accents. I don't buy the "Theater of the Mind" way of playing they subscribe to. Being an older grognard I like graph paper and pencils. I guess that's the stodgy in me. (like this Gary Gygax article )

You want a great example of the way D&D is played watch Max Minions on Twitch (

Here is our campaign info at the moment for the Tomb scenario: