Thursday, December 7, 2017

Last weekend's return to DM'ing

I finally got back into the swing of being a Dungeon Master after a long while. I had originally returned to 5th Edition with Temple of Elemental Evil and found it to be quite different DM'ing now as opposed to 1987. The  modules were bigger, badder and required more prep. Basically ToEE was NOT the best starting point to come into.

So this time around I was more prepared and ready to advance the plot faster. Last time it was a 4 hour RPG session which isnt bad but the ToEE module is so confusing with its factions and open sandbox ideas you can get lost if not prepared.

So with careful prep Crabby Old Gamer and I embarked on a new adventure with his cleric, ranger, wizard and monk. 

We played for about 7 hours and got deep into the module I was running. The more we played the more we got familiar with the rules once again. I found 5th to be easier to run but skill checks and opposed skill checks are still a bit confusing when it comes to stealth and hiding and sneak attacks. The group ran into a bit of trouble in a town road bandit fight but were aided by an NPC and had to retreat and rest after winning the fight.

We left off there and will pick it up again this weekend most likely. The expansive part of the module is ahead and the PC's hit level 2 so they will be better prepared.

Using Fantasy Grounds is getting easier and easier the more we do it. I will eventually be providing a page for all the links I find on this blog so that they can be shared with others.

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