Thursday, December 14, 2017

More D&D and getting out of wargaming

Getting out of wargaming has been relatively easy. You cant miss something you weren't doing anymore anyway.

I have already played many games of D&D this month and last, approaching near 10 now as my campaigns continue on Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights and scattered one offs during the week.

I exclusively use Fantasy Grounds. If you are a player connecting to a DM host you DO NOT NEED a license...but you should have one. Its cheap (you can pay by month or in one lump sum) and its well worth it for the most robust RPG system on the internet.

Correction:  Yes, you do, UNLESS the GM has the Ultimate License, which allows her to host a full table of demo/free license players. If the GM has a Standard license, then one single demo license player can connect but only if no one else is also connected (basically to manage a character or play a 1:1 game). That is the only benefit the Ultimate license grants. 
Also, SmiteWorks is only 5 guys -- correction, 6 now: they just hired Dave (the Digital Dungeon Master from YouTube) yesterday to do Customer Service -- so players getting their own license not only opens up being able to play for every GM who doesn't have an Ultimate license but also helps support these fine fellows. 
Also, GMs can share their DLC so like if players don't own the Players Handbook, they can click it from the GM Library and it will download to them. HOWEVER, due to the way the sharing mechanism works, DLC has been noted using up to 400% more memory on the player side than it does for the GM. So be careful with that. Players buying their own DLC (or entering the data themselves, etc.) means they can use their local content and not worry about the sharing memory bump.  

There are other resources to find games as well like the FG forums and the reddit sites:

I managed to sell off most of my wargaming titles but I am keeping all COIN titles and anticipating Pendragon. I find the system fun to work with even solo. I like the AI Engine and find it works if you dont know what your doing the AI can really surprise you. So far most of the later titles have been different enough to warrant purchases.

Wednesday night I started Lost Mines of Phandelver as a PLAYER, which is weird because I am currently the Dungeon Master for the game on some nights with a friend. Even though I know what may happen it is still fun because each DM does it differently. My bard Gandolin had some fun last night meeting the other players while running from a bunch of tavern patrons he offended in a song. He hid among the crowd and joined the adventurers by jumping into the wagon to Phandalin.

You can watch the stream here on Zerbious's channel

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