Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sunday D&D Session 2: deeper into the jungle

Playing again with my now level 3 rogue Driscol. Tomb of Annihilation week 2 continues. I am coming in two weeks late on this campaign which is online with Fantasy Grounds and the DM is Wintermute (website here http://www.gmwintermute.com/adventure-log/toa-session-4-first-encounter-with-dinosaurs)

Following last weeks encounter:
However this is Chult, and unexpected stuff happens on a daily basis.  As the group hides, two velociraptors run out of the jungle and attack the stegosaurus.  The group finds it odd that two small creatures would attack one of such size.  Seconds after that thought had passed thru the group, here comes the rest of the pack.  The adventurers have their hands full  when a pissed off 6800 pound (3100kg) dinosaur turns it’ attention on them.
We went further into the jungle and stumbled upon a raised altar of sorts in the wilds. On top a giant skull on a raised dais. Immediately out of the jungle came 10-11 screaming goblins being pursued by 2 allosauruses (kind of a miniature T-Rex). The two dinosaurs proceeded to eat a majority of the goblins and after a close call where our cleric went down we managed to bring the two baddies down. That left us with hordes of screaming goblins one of which knocked out Driscol in hand to hand combat. After being revived and clearing the goblins out we rested and trekked on.

Through a clearing we saw a massive temple in the jungle. Approaching it and trying to climb the vine congested steps proved dangerous. We camped at the foot of the structure and the players agreed to wait until next week to see what could be done to clear the plants out. If harmed or cut the vines are simply growing back and there seems to be some force bubble around the whole thing. More details soon.