Monday, March 5, 2018

A RANT to Ebay Boardgame hoarders

 I got two more COIN games this weekend.

One was Andean Abyss and one was Falling Sky. At first I was rather shocked at the prices people wanted on Ebay so I just went to Boardgame Geek Market. Problem solved.

Why do Ebay hoarders insist on listing this stuff for 120 dollars and up when people will just go to Board Game Geek and find them from people that don't jack up the prices?

Noble Knight games is a prime offender in this category. (

Then there are people like this douche selling Falling Sky for 174 dollars

I mean seriously no one SANE of mind is going to pay for your bullshit garbage listing. Give me a break. 

How about this fine seller clocking in at 180 dollars? REALLY?

How about this one. A MAGAZINE (granted it includes a paper fold out game by Chadwick) for a $139 bucks. YES...A FUCKING MAGAZINE. Does it come with 2 kilo's of Colombian blow? Or how about blow and prostitutes? IT BETTER!

These are the same people giving credence that its "cool" to pay $400 + dollars for some over hyped Advanced Squad Leader module. FUCK OFF

On the way are Andean Abyss and Falling Sky (just because its out of print doesnt mean you need to list it for $120 dollars give me a fucking break. Its a boardgame not some rare porcelain vase from a Chinese temple)

Of course there are also people that buy 5-6 copies of a game and spine them on the shelf just perfectly posed for that ever so annoying Board Game Shelfie photo. I don't know what's worse...Keeping up with the Kardashians or board gamers that constantly spam shelfie photos of some rare foreign version of Tokaido they go that has stainless steels bamboo rods instead of whatever plastic the original components are made of.

Is this image necessary....are THIS MANY GAMES NEEDED?  Why? I suppose we all have our collection issues sure. But a boardgame is wasted money and useless just sitting there if its been rotated out of your play schedule or generally disliked. If you think you will not use it or it is a poor single player or co op game why do people do this to themselves? Sentimental value perhaps? Why do I see some wargamers with 8 copies of Holland 44? WHY?  I mean I don't even know 8 people in real life that play that game.

I guess in the end you cant complain. I mean they technically fetch better money on the market than baseball cards. Unless of course you get the on introverted weirdo that hates highlighting in his rulebook and refuses to pay you or wants a refund when he spots it after he gets his near pristine game in record 2 day shipping time. I mean you HAVE heard of this thing called a PDF right GMT gamers? You can just download the most updated rulebook you asshat.

SERIOUSLY WTF. MAN O WAR REALLY? I play GW games and haven't seen anyone play that fucking thing since 1993 for shits sake

Coupled with the snarky YouTube comments on my channel with the likes of "Well...obviously you don't know what you're doing because a unit 4 miles behind a supply truck only operates at 1/4 fuel supply" and you will quickly understand why I got out of wargaming and boardgaming in general.

But needless to say I got my COIN games coming and I will continue to post BLATANTLY labelled tutorial videos just to fuck with your heads. If you want to explain to me in a nice manner how the FUCK to play some of these games with shitty non indexed rules written for a nuclear scientist that is fine. Until then I will continue to play at MY PACE and learn the game the best I can with what I got at my disposal. 

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