Sunday, July 16, 2017

GCACW: Cedar Mountain Part Two

Continuing from the last post...we go on to the next action sequence and roll initiative.

You can catch up by checking the last post located here:

As we last saw Stonewall Jackson performed a leader activation and moved to threaten the Rapidan River crossing and the train station. The station is currently guarded by a 1 strength point Rhode Island Cavalry Regiment.

The dice are rolled and the Confederacy wins initiative again! This is perfect as they need to move fast to get up the roads and take Culpeper the major objective of the scenario. For the action sequence the Confederate player does another leader activation with Stonewall Jackson.

Jackson chooses two units to activate within his command range: Gregg's Brigade and AP Hills infantry division. The die roll now being made is for movement and it needs to be high so Jackson can maneuver and get his attack across the Rapidan in. The die is rolled and its a disastrous ONE. What happened? Some sort of communication error along the lines in getting the units moving? Were the orders received late? At any rate Jackson's units are bogged down and have only 3 MP's to use (+2 due to Confederate bonus). That may not be enough to move and attack since attacking takes MP points. 

Jackson moves up the road with AP Hill and the cavalry of the 1st Rhode Island see the mass of grey heading towards them and mounts a cavalry retreat. They roll high and get a 6, +2 due to the terrain and this is 8. That's a total of 4 MP's subtracted from the Confederate movement. This empties Jackson's movement to 0 and he will not be able to continue the march or attack! He is stuck watching the 1st Rhode Island move 4 hexes back. They take a fatigue hit and become disorganized but it was worth it to get away. 

On the left Gregg's Brigade moves up the road but loses a MP since he had to go through a crowded friendly hex. 

All in all a poor turn for the Confederacy. Some poor courier is in big trouble after this snafu. We go onto the next initiative roll and the third action sequence in the next post.